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Hot Water

A Sylvie Wolff Novel

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Sylvie Wolff, pampered suburban housewife and mother of two teenage daughters, wakes up one morning to discover that her husband has disappeared, the private school tuition hasn’t been paid and their elegant home is days from foreclosure. Forced to trade her opulent lifestyle for a fourth floor walk-up in the crowded inner city and determined to restore her family’s fortunes, she finds herself caught up in a twisted web of industrial espionage.

“A Massachusetts woman determined to learn why her husband suddenly left his family destitute uncovers a wealth of secrets and deception in this debut thriller…A subdued but gripping detective tale with radiant characters.” 


“The indomitable Sylvie is a marvelous creation and I loved her daughters, too–how brilliantly they all adapted from spoiled suburbanites to intrepid city dwellers. And what a great cast of characters–Raul & Desiree, Florence & Gertrude, and of course tantalizing Jack. My mood was buoyed each time I got to return to the novel–a kind of pleasure I don’t often have when I read these days! I hope there’s another JJ Shelley novel in the works.”

Claire Messud, New York Times best-selling author of The Emperor’s Children and The Burning Girl..

“This bright, funny debut mystery offers a delicious take on revenge, family, and what it takes to rebuild your life. You’ll root for Sylvie and her hilarious side-kicks as they piece together evidence to turn the tables on her ex and his mistress, all the while trying to keep her daughters from each others’ throats. Shelley’s whip-smart dialogue and memorable characters make Hot Water an entertaining read.”

Susan Cory, Author of Conundrum and Facade

“Part mystery, part revenge dramedy, this sparkly debut novel introduces Sylvie Wolff, pampered suburban housewife and devoted mother of two. Shopaholic Sylvie enjoys gardening, tennis and chauffeuring her girls to their exclusive private schools. Until she wakes up one morning to discover that her husband has cleaned out the bank account and abandoned the family, leaving Sylvie and the girls homeless and penniless. With help from a vivid cast of inner city sidekicks, Sylvie rebuilds her life, uncovers a twisted plot of industrial espionage, and best of all, exacts sweet, sweet, revenge. Well done, J.J. Shelley! I look forward to Sylvie Wolff’s next adventure.” 

P.M. Steffen, best selling author of The Profiler’s Daughter and Killing Ulysses.
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JJ Shelley (a nom de plume) is a filmmaker and author of several screenplays who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Her awards include an Academy Award nomination, the Edgar Dale Screenwriting Award and a New England Women in Film Screenwriting Award. She holds a certificate in professional investigation from Boston University and is currently writing the second Sylvie Wolff novel.

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