Hot Water

 Sylvie Wolff, pampered suburban housewife and mother of two teenage daughters, wakes up one morning to discover that her husband has disappeared, the private school tuition hasn’t been paid, and their elegant home is days from foreclosure. Forced to trade her opulent lifestyle for a fourth floor walk up in the crowded inner city and determined to restore her family’s fortunes, she finds herself caught up in a twisted web of industrial espionage.

 “A Massachusetts woman determined to learn why her husband suddenly left his family destitute uncovers a wealth of secrets and deception in this debut thriller…A subdued but gripping detective tale with radiant characters.”

— Kirkus Reviews


“Well done, J.J. Shelley! I look forward to Sylvie Wolff’s next adventure.”

P.M. Steffen, best-selling author of The Profiler’s Daughter and Killing Ulysses


“…Shelley’s whip-smart dialogue and memorable characters make Hot Water an entertaining read.”

—     Susan Cory, author of Conundrum and Façade